Posted by: tangararama | June 27, 2008

Day 21: Goulburn to Gosford

Today I reach the end of this memorable 3-week journey after driving the last leg back to my home in Gosford on the NSW Central Coast.

Goulburn to Gosford 261km

Day 21: Goulburn to Gosford 261km

This should be an easy drive, being freeway most of the way – but having to contend with Sydney’s morning peak hour traffic (which lasts most of the morning) is always a low point.

From a personal perspective it was great to get home. I start on an exciting new phase of my life when I get back home, and three weeks of holiday memories to reflect on. I’ll be compiling my photos and movies into a DVD to share with my friends and family. 

The highlight of this trip was definitely experience on The Ghan – I highly recommend anyone who can go does it. You MUST travel Gold Class – in comfort. There are generous concessions for older people – which probably explains why the abundance of older people on the train.  We even dined with someone in his 90’s. So no matter how young or old – you really should try to experience this trip at least once in your lifetime.

It was also great to experience the sites of the top end – Darwin, Litchfield National Park, Katherine Gorge, Alice Springs. Great places – highly recommend everyone gets up to the Northern Territory to see a part of Australia that is so beautiful and unique.

And whatever you do – avoid the food at the Mobil Narrandera roadhouse if driving between Sydney and Adelaide!




  1. Thanks for blogging the trip, Ben. Really enjoyed reading about it.

  2. Welcome home, mate!

  3. glad to hear you had a great trip the top end is a really pretty and magical place and i can’t wait till i get the chance to go back and show the kids.
    i agree with the mobil at Narrandera, things haven’t changed much and their prices are way too expensive for what you get. it was better when they had opposition. if you want a decent feed head into the town itself as there is a really nice coffee shop that serves a good feed in the main street opposite the commonwealth bank.

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