Posted by: tangararama | June 26, 2008

Day 20: Hay to Goulburn

We’re nearing the end of this eventful 3 week holiday.

Hay to Goulburn 529km

Day 20: Hay to Goulburn 529km

At sunrise we were at the old Hay Railway station – no longer used as a railway station, but is a station of a different kind – it is the home of RADIO station 2-HAY FM.

Hay Railway station

Hay Railway Station – no longer a train station, but a radio station.

For breakfast we decided to head 170km down the highway to the town of Narrandera – the idea being that truckies (truck drivers) always know the best places to eat… so we looked for a truck stop with lots of trucks and figured this would be where we eat.  At Narrandera this place was to be the Mobil Narrandera Roadhouse.  We each ordered the “Big Breakfast” – thinking this would get us through the whole day – but the Big Breakfast turned out to be a BIG MISTAKE.

It consisted of a deep-fried Hash Brown, some pieces of deep-fried Bacon, two deep-fried Sausages that were so badly overcooked they had burst and curled over in the process of being cooked, burnt tomato, two pieces of burnt toast, and three things that tasted like bits of old tyres that resembled 3 eggs.

Deep Fried Truckie Sausage

Deep Fried Crap at Mobil Narrandera

I haven’t eaten in the 9 hours since we had that disgusting food.  I left most of mine on the plate (the above pic is my mate’s plate with the warped sausage). What little of it I was brave enough to eat left a bad taste in my mouth most of the day. Worst food ever.

We pushed on to Goulburn, the temperature plummeted down to 9c and it’s cold and windy. I miss Darwin’s weather, but I can’t wait to get back home to Gosford tomorrow.




  1. Dang. That looks horrible!!

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